Terms of Use

Terms of Use for the "Händlerportal"

The sole purpose of the images, videos, texts and data displayed on the JRS Petcare Portal consumer online portal (www.jrspetcareservice.com) is to assist in the sale and marketing of JRS products to end consumers. All offerings and their marketing which are related to JRS products are subject to the sales guidelines and statements of JRS Petcare GmbH & Co KG.

  1. Prior written consent must be obtained before any images, videos, texts or data contained in the database are forwarded to third parties and affiliated companies (subsidiaries and parent companies).
  2. This also applies to use in public presentations and to use in a company’s own internet as well as for any intranet presence.
  3. The corresponding use of images, texts, videos and data must be documented by means of a usage list.

Terms of Use for the "Cat's Best Content Sharing Platform"

§ 1 Subject of use

(1) On the Cat's Best Content Sharing Platform of the company J. Rettenmaier GmbH & Co KG (hereinafter referred to as "JRS"), media such as 

  • photos 
  • video films 
  • presentations 
  • advertising material 

are at disposal for download and use. All contents refer exclusively to the Cat's Best brand.

(2) The publication of posts and the use of the image and video material of the trademark Cat's Best is subject to the latest CI Guidelines. The current Cat's Best CI Guidelines can be displayed on the online sharing platform by clicking on the following link.

(3) JRS is entitled to modify or discontinue the service portfolio (database content, database structure, user interface, etc.) at any time at its own discretion.

§ 2 Registration

(1) The database use requires a registration. The user is obliged to correctly and completely communicate the data requested during the registration process.

(2) The registration is free of charge.

(3) From JRS, the user receives an access code and a password. The user must keep the access code and password assigned to him protected against access by third parties. If the user enters a wrong password for three times in succession under an access code, the connection will be interrupted. If the user has reason to believe that unauthorized persons have gained knowledge of a password, the company JRS must be informed immediately.
The password must be changed immediately.

§ 3 Technical Requirements

(1) The user is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of the hardware and for the required connections to public telecommunications networks. The installation costs for the on-line connection and maintenance on the user side are borne by the user.

(2) The company JRS is not liable for the security and continuity of the data communication since this is conducted through the communication networks managed by third parties.  The company JRS is also not liable for data transmission failures.

(3) The user is responsible for the hardware, software and communication channels he uses. 

(4) The user is obliged to secure his communication equipment against unauthorized access by third parties, unauthorized modifications or other kind of misuse according to the respective state of the art.

§ 4 Granting of rights of use

(1) Unless otherwise stated, the database and individual contents are copyright-protected. The user is obliged to observe the existing copyrights and undertakes not to violate them.  In particular, the user has the following obligations:

  (a) He has to comply with the legal conditions of use, as respectively designated, for all visual contents (pictures/illustrations/videos, etc.);

  (b) He has to comply with the detailed information about the rights of use identified under each item which can be displayed either directly or through a link;

  (c) He has to acquire rights of use from the respective owner (Image Bank, Video Bank, etc.) prior to use;

  (d) He has to indemnify the company JRS against claims by third parties arising from the user’s use.

(2) The accessed information may only be used as communicative support of the Cat's Best brand. 

(3) The use of all contents is exclusively permitted in digital media.

(4) The contents must not be transferred to third parties for use. 

(5) The right for use ends automatically as soon as the user’s business relationship to the company JRS ends.

§ 5 Provision of own contents by the user

Users are entitled to provide their own visual contents on the platform for free use by other users of the platform. The user is obliged not to post any legally inadmissible content. He has to put at disposal all necessary information, like copyrights, allowing other platform users to acquire any necessary rights for use of the respective owner and will indemnify such platform users of the claims for damages by third parties, caused by omitted instructions. The contents may only be put at disposal as communicative support of the Cat's Best brand.

§ 6 Remuneration 

The use is free of charge.

§ 7 Exclusion from use

In case of serious and/or continuing violation of the present Terms of Use, a user may be excluded from using the Platform. 

§ 8 Warranty and liability

The use is on the person’s own responsibility and at the person’s own risk. Any liability of the JRS is excluded.

§ 9 Applicable law

The contract concluded with the user is exclusively subject to German law. The UN sales law is excluded.

§ 10 Court of Jurisdiction

The court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from contractual relationships between the user and the company JRS is the main office of the company JRS in Rosenberg. The JRS has the right to sue the user at his registered domicile.

§ 11 Right of Modification

The JRS reserves the right to modify and amend the present Terms of Use at any time, to the extent required by law, or as part of the expansion of the Platform's areas and its technical characteristics to cover the newly integrated functions.